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Helping you plan and design the best possible place

Moving from ‘what do you need’ to ‘how can we deliver that’

Using visualisations, where best to communicate or check understanding.

Working sympathetically with you or your team to make sure that the connectivity you need fits in with the environment being designed.

If you don’t need state of the art, we won’t put it forward.

We will give you strategies so you can have it later if you change your mind.

Resource management

‘The world is changing and the built environment will have to adapt. Supply of resources like electricity and water will become less ‘supply and demand’ and more ‘capture and conserve’. Homes and places fit for the future will need ways to join in with a circular resource economy. Telemental can advise on arrangements which open up possibilities.

How we can help you 


There has to be a benefit from technology in our spaces and places.

2020 and COVID has made that more important than ever.

The technology to keep us well does not have to be intrusive if it is conceived and planned for.



Smart and connected homes and places have increased considerations for planning how resources move in, out and about. Wired or wireless signalling has to exist in harmony with the physical environment. Telemental can help you to optimise the materials and routes you require.


In a world of shifting standards and protocols, a good communications backbone is king. Telemental can help you structure systems so assets aren’t always stranded when proprietary tech becomes obsolete.


At Telemental we know how to create sustainable, inclusive homes that will match requirements for years to come. If you are a self-builder, architect or designer who aspires to the same, we want to work with you.